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REO Auction Academy
“When we do not have access to the MLS in a market, then we use Rentometer to determine what are monthly rents in a given market. In Rentometer you can filter on bedrooms, bathrooms, and time period. Then It will provide you median rents for a certain area as well as the individual properties and apartment units.”

The Moorhead Team
“We talk about how to do a high level rent analysis and see if the rents can make sense for a potential rental property.”

Nicole Purvy - Better Than Success
“Before you buy a property you need to do research on the rents in the area. Rentometer helps solve this problem.”

Financial Nirvana Mama
“… I’ve been using [Rentometer] for a long time! This has been my favorite tool. When I look at a new area and I’m not familiar with the housing prices and studying it to become a neighborhood expert, this is my go to tool!”

Hunter Montgomery - Fairfax REALTOR
“This is a useful tool if you’re buying a house and considering moving in a couple of years… you want to make sure that your mortgage is at the right level so when you move, you can rent it out, and make sure your rent is going to cover your mortgage payment.”

Ryan Ingram
“…A very unutilized section of is the part where you can list your own properties. If you’re an investor and you’ve got a portfolio of any size, you can go into Rentometer, go to List Your Property, and you can input all the addresses and all the rental prices you are currently charging. This will allow other investors to get a more accurate report from Rentometer, and if everyone works together to input those properties then eventually all the rents in that area will raise cause comparable rates will be more accurate and more beneficial for everyone.”

REI Mindset
“[Rentometer] will give you a pretty good idea of where you rent and what you need to charge stands within the marketplace.”

Music&Money Investors Group
“When I’m using Rentometer…It will show you on a map where your house is, and the other houses around it that is using comparable rentals where they’re located, and not only that they’ll tell you what they’re renting for, and not only that, it will tell you their address.”

The Kwak Brothers
"One of the first places I like to go, if I need a really quick way to figure out to determine rent, you should go to "

Succeed REI
"How to Analyze a House Hack Listing"

From Military to Millionaire
“It is very user friendly and gives you a detailed report based on the property address, current rent, and number of bedroom…” “I also like that they include average, median, 25th and 75th percentile.”

Master Passive Income
"I strongly recommend you to use Rentometer because it gives you so much good information even if you just use the free trial."

Jump In Real Estate
"How to Estimate Rents - Real Estate Investing"

BootStrap REI
“When you’re looking for rent comparisons for your sell or finance deals Rentometer is a great down and dirty [resource]!”

Peer 2 Peer Real Estate
"On today’s show I wanted to talk about due diligence before investing in a property."

Joe Crump
"I’m going to show you how to use the Automarketer Lead Questionnaire to qualify and question your deals."

TRE Homes
"In this video, we talk about investing in rental properties, or buying a rental house or turning your current home is so beneficial"

Steve Bracero
"How Do I find market rents? Where do I find rents for a rental property. If you are interested in investing in real estate, knowing the rents are critical when evaluating a rental property."

Kari Buys Houses
"Want to get started in real estate investing, but aren't sure how to go about it? This video focuses on some of the best tools we personally use to help us in our business."

"I have successfully used, for myself as well as my clients, for the last 5 years. I wanted to show you how to use it most effectively, regardless of where you are searching."

Emmitt The RE Minute
"There are only 3 things you need to know to determine if any residential property is a good investment for rental income, no matter where you are! "

The RJ Baxter Team - Mortgage Broker
"Make sure you aren’t paying too much rent, or charging too little, with this week’s tip!"

"We've asked Jordan Muela from on the 10 growth hacks you can use to grow your property management company:"

Doug Depte Real Estate
"Rentometer | Doug Depte Real Estate "